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About Us

The Inn is located in Downtown Historic Tilton.  We are very close to many locations that are fun for all members of the family including: The Tanger Outlet Malls, 5 Ski Resorts, The Loudon Nascar Track, and much more!


​The original inn was built in 1875 and has hosted a few famous guests including Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.  The building has burnt down three times in the past all with a span of approximately 100 years separating them.  One of these particular fires is said to have claimed the life of a 12 year old girl, named Laura, who is suspected to have never left.  Her family lived here at the Inn in the 1800s, in what is now known as the Sanborn room.  There have been many encounters with her both upstairs in the rooms, and downstairs in the pub and restaurant.  Under the previous owner, TAPS Rhode Island investigative team came to the inn to deduce whether there really was paranormal activity here or not.  The conclusion?  There definitely is!   

We have 9 rooms available for nightly stay at varying rates.  Each of our rooms have a different theme attached to them, and all are named after the people who have been affiliated with the Tilton area in the past.  

Please come on down and join us!  

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